Galexia, improve your reading fluency

In “Galexia, Mejora tu fluidez lectora” (Galexia, improve your reading fluency) we take care of all the graphics for the APP, animations, character design, backgrounds, gadgets of all kinds and buttons.
An app that is composed of more than 2000 illustrations made to represent words. Everything in the hands of the project manager José Francisco Bravo together with Pambu Developers. Based on the scientific research carried out by Francisca Serrano with Sylvia Defior and the delicious music of the composers Roberto Acebron and Segio Bascuñana.

Científicos de la UGR desarrollan una ‘app’ que “mejora notablemente”
la fluidez lectora en niños con dislexia

Desarrollan una ‘app’ que mejora notablemente la fluidez lectora en niños con dislexia

GALEXIA Mejora Fluidez Lectora

La «app» que mejora la fluidez lectora, fruto del trabajo de investigadores de la Universidad de Granada. ¡¡Y es gratuita!!