A Creative Journey with ‘Utena, the Revolutionary Girl, Teen Apocalypse’ and Collaboration with Jonu Media

At trazando.es, we take pride in presenting an exciting chapter in our creative journey: our collaboration with Jonu Media, a prominent company within the Xowed Entertainment group, to breathe life into “Utena, the Revolutionary Girl, Teen Apocalypse.” This project not only encapsulates our dedication to graphic design, complete DVD and Blu-ray authoring, booklet and postcard layout but also pays homage to the magnitude of “Utena” in the world of manga and anime.

"Utena": A Pillar in the Manga and Anime Universe

“Utena, the Revolutionary Girl” is not just a film; it is a masterpiece that has left an indelible mark in the world of manga and anime. The unique narrative, complex characters, and audacious exploration of social and gender themes have turned it into a pillar that has influenced generations of creators and fans. From Chiho Saito’s original manga to Kunihiko Ikuhara’s visionary direction in the anime, “Utena” has defied conventions and become an icon.

In our collaboration with Jonu Media, we delved into graphic design for “Utena,” aiming not only to create visually appealing images but also to convey the unique essence of the story. Each graphic element was meticulously crafted to reflect the complexity of the characters and the depth of the narrative.

A Revealed Secret

Complete DVD and Blu-ray authoring for “Utena” is more than a technical process; it is an art form aimed at enhancing the viewer’s experience. In this project, we’ve included an exciting secret: an exclusive interview with the talented voice actress Nuria Trifol. But here’s the twist: if you choose Spanish or Catalan audio, the interview will be presented in either language, depending on the one selected. 

It’s our way of celebrating linguistic diversity and paying homage to local talent, Nuria Trifol.

Booklet and Postcard Layout: Details that Tell Stories

Booklet and postcard layout is a crucial element to complement the physical experience of multimedia products. From initial sketches to the final product, each booklet page was designed with attention to detail, just like the postcards—small works of art that allow fans to carry significant fragments of the production.

In addition to conventional elements, we ventured into creating unique gadgets that add an innovative touch to the project. This collaboration with Jonu Media has been a visionary experience that goes beyond the conventional, exploring new frontiers and pushing our creative skills to even greater heights.

A Complete and Revolutionary Experience

“”Utena, the Revolutionary Girl, Teen Apocalypse” epresents the culmination of a passionate collaboration between trazando.es and Jonu Media.

From the significance of “Utena” in the manga and anime world to the secret details in DVD and Blu-ray authoring, every aspect of this project has been carefully crafted to offer viewers a complete and revolutionary experience.

Discover the revolution, challenge norms, and immerse yourself in the teenage apocalypse with “Utena, the Revolutionary Girl.” A tribute to innovation and creativity that continues to define the landscape of manga and anime.