“The Carla Syndrome” by Ben Martin, Novel Layout

The company Urata pro have hired us for some small jobs and one of our first assignments has been the layout of “Carla syndrome”, a novel written by Ben Martín.
We have been in charge of laying out the print version and its ebook version. as well as some pieces of videos for networks. The illustration was done by Fran Parreño.
Ben Martin presents Carla Syndrome, a novel that mixes mystery, drama and comedy. Manuel travels to Ubiarco (Santander) to reunite with Sergio and Laura, former college classmates. The idyllic landscape between rocks soon becomes clouded by an unexpected guest: Carla, Manuel’s ex-partner. Our protagonist does not want to live under the same roof with the woman he considers guilty of his misfortunes. However, something in Carla has changed. Her kindness and innocence contrast with Manuel’s memories of her. At first, he believes that she is pretending to manipulate him, until he discovers that Carla suffers from a disorder that has completely changed her personality… Carla’s syndrome is a story of desires, hatred and dreams to achieve, the materials of which life is made.
This novel is currently available on Amazon in three formats, paperback, hardcover, and ebook.