“Galexia mejora tu fluidez lectora” (Galexia improves your reading fluency) an APP to help improve dyslexia

We are proud to present an App in which we have collaborated. «Galexia, mejora tu fluidez lectora» (Galexia, improve your reading fluency)

«Galexia is a free educational game for children and all audiences.
It supports an intervention program in reading fluency, based on evidence and scientifically validated (Serrano et al., 2012). Helps alleviate dyslexia and improve speech for people of all ages.
Educational for children and adults, and used in many schools by teachers and experts.
The user will join an alien who embarks on a fun and exciting intergalactic journey from Earth to his home planet, Leximundo. Throughout the trip aboard the ship throughout the galaxy, the user, during 24 game sessions, will perform various activities and mini-games, which will enhance learning and improve reading fluency, in a very enjoyable and fun context, overcoming all obstacles along the way: Facing enemy UFOs, solving puzzles and riddles, exploring unknown planets and much more. “

In this App in which we have been working for about a year and a half and in which we continue working we have dedicated ourselves to the Graphics and animation of the entire App. Giving life to planets characters and the universe of this galactic adventure where based on tests readings and mini-games can train the brain and sight by improving phonics and reading in a fast and diverse way.

Currently the App is under development of more options and we continue to create illustrations, animations and cute creatures that we hope will help make it a fun App with personality. To mention the wonderful programming work of the Pambú Developres team (@PambuDev) and the music and effects of the Cracks at http://digitalsstudio.com. It is worth taking these people / companies into account for any job because of their professionalism and commitment that they infect.