Grimoire of Zero for work Jonu media

It is not the first time we have worked for Jonu Media, in fact it can be said that in its most productive time before its closure I had the pleasure of working with the team dealing with the design and programming of DVD authoring in countless titles, such as Monster , Ranma 1/2 movies, Urusey Yatsura (lamu), Get backers, all intial D series and movies, Dr Slump…

When Jonu Media asked us to work on the edition of The Magic Book of Zero we were very excited, but we also had a lot of respect, because the expectations for this edition were high.

The “millenium edition” was a very complete edition that Jonu media made in his golden years, a very careful and pampered edition. and the one they asked us to base this DVD and BD combo edition on.

That is why they asked us to make a cover of the reversible case, with a complete image on one side, to do something different from normal, and in the reversible a slightly more traditional cover but without actually making a cover, because the traditional cover is box.

They were designed or, rather, a layout was made of standard postcards and a larger special one, an A3 poster and finally a booklet that would go along with this edition, all following the style that was followed at that time. so that you will remember those economic and complete editions.

Also included in this was both the DVD and the BD, where we took care of its design and programming.

Some screenshots of the DVD screen

Some screenshots of the Blu Ray screen

Anime Licenciado made a review of the edition that we leave you here, we are very happy because it is usually very demanding in the product and the truth is that it seems that it has liked it.

It has been many months of work, with hundreds of tests proposed, approvals from the Japanese production company, preparation of materials and the final result has been worth it; and we can say that we are going to repeat the experience with a new title in which we are already working with Jonu Media.